[REX]: REX Requirements does not seem like a requirements document

Hi everyone,

I expect a requirements document to start with use cases and then  
state functional requirements that satisfy these uses cases. But the  
REX requirements document instead starts out by stating a list of  
mandatory technology dependencies. It says that the spec must depend  
on DOM Level 3 Events, DOM Mutation Events, XPath, and some DOM  
(either the compatible DOM 2 and DOM 3 core, or the currently  
incompatible SVG uDOM) and XML.

Perhaps these portions of the reqs document could be put in a  
separate "Mandated Dependencies on Other Specifications" document.  
The remainder could be rewritten to start with use cases and justify  
the requirements based on those or on demands of constituencies /  

Alternately, the dependencies on other technologies could be  
justified as the best way to satisfy use-case driven requirements,  
instead of being simply asserted.


Received on Sunday, 12 February 2006 02:55:54 UTC