Please stop repeating yourself


you have repeatedly made the same statement, apparently in multiple fora,  
in what appears to be a more or less automatic reply to anything someone  
writes - as well as just randomly along with some pointer to something or  
other that you apparently read recently.

This is not constructive - it merely fills the mailing list with  
repetition. The likelihood of something you say being a new addition seems  
to be diminishing rapidly, which helps neither the rest of us, nor you,  
since the apparent risk of loss from sending all your mail to /dev/null  
gets lower the more you repeat the same statement, which is unfortunate.

I believe you are capable of providing more useful input than I have seen  
recently. Although I admit that since I no longer expect to see anything  
new, I no longer open many of your messages

I believe we get your idea. Some of us believe you are correct, some do  
not, and some are, in any event, not interested for the purposes of a  
given discussion.

Please desist from repeating the suggestion that we work on a native-app  
to web-app brige as you have proposed, instead of whatever else it is *we  
agree* to work on.



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Received on Tuesday, 26 April 2016 21:10:42 UTC