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RE: Server Workaround to Render "Second" Documents Acceptable?

From: Scott Cadillac <scott@xmlx.ca>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:20:37 -0600
To: "'W3C Public Web Plugins List'" <public-web-plugins@w3.org>
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Thank you Mike,

Your observation about the "second" distributed hypermedia file puts things
into perspective for me. I kept reading this, but wasn't "seeing" it because
my legal-eze is not very polished.

You idea about the Web Server fix is interesting, but I think this may only
apply affectively to static files, like *.html 

Application files that write dynamic content (e.g., ASP, ASP.NET, PHP,
ColdFusion, Witango, etc...) would be another issue. I personally would not
want to see my Server interfering with my dynamic output.

From a Designer/Programmer point of view, replacing <OBJECT> with some
dynamic <IFRAME> mechanism is the probably the excellent perspective for
implementing a work-around.

Thank you again. Cheers....

Scott Cadillac,
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Subject: Server Workaround to Render "Second" Documents Acceptable?

The reference to launching and controlling a computer program within a
browser from a "first distributed hypermedia document" appears quite
frequently within all 10 claims of the patent. I'm inferring from other
posts and articles that a possible workaround to the Eolas patent is to
ensure that OBJECT tags only appear within the "second" distribution of
hypermedia content files.

If this is correct, then couldn't IIS and Apache servers be updated with a
new "Isolate OBJECTs from Pages" security setting that instructs server-side
filters to dynamically replace all OBJECT tags with nested FRAMEs, or use
the "CNN approach" to dynamically rendering <SCRIPT> tags in place of
OBJECTS that reference secondarily distributed javascript files for
dynamically rendering hypermedia content?


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