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From: Jerry Mead <jerrym@meadroid.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 18:59:45 +0100
Message-ID: <003d01c37aea$11ec4a60$020a0ac0@zorro>
To: <public-web-plugins@w3.org>

In case you missed it, this issue was discussed at length on Slashdot on
Friday 12th:


Comments range from conspiracy theory:


to thoughts of outright violence:


and much else in between.

But again, nothing there that can be based on any hard "what is understood
to be the real implication of this" information that the 'big' players
and/or W3C should have published by now, but haven't.

The Slashdot thread shows that the need for more transparency is becoming
urgent. A prolonged silence simply allows this sort of chaotic and unhealthy
speculation to flourish, and it's almost a month now since the meeting at
which (according to Tim Berners-Lee and Steve Bratt):

" the meeting participants strongly supported clear communication on this
matter, including establishing a developer Web site and mailing list to
coordinate approaches for changes to Web sites and software ... "

Jerry Mead
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