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Re: Ray Ozzie claims prior art in Lotus Notes

From: Hector Santos <winserver.support@winserver.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 16:53:45 -0400
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To: "D Goneit" <dontask4it@yahoo.com>, <public-web-plugins@w3.org>

I guess that will depend by what you mean is a "embedded text format?"

HTML like system?    There is no question that using a "network language"
existed before HTML and a tag system that activate control of "embedded
objects."       Notes used a CD record format to describe a interactive
remote presentation.   In a way, it is unfortunate, that may only take the
"Ray Ozzies", the who's who in the industry, to help turn the tide against
silly nuisance software patents such as this one.

Lets change the subject for a second:

How many people here ever used a modem to dial into a BBS and communicate
with the sysop and here local community of users, either in chat, mail or
just to download files?

I will venture that there it is a very low percentage here.   There will be
a group that probably heard of them, but never used them and then a group
that might of tried a few times.

However, for the majority, their first adventure into the "telecomputing"
market was when the Internet appeared and ISPs became to offer Internet PPP
accounts.    For the majority,  the "internet and WWW" was their first
experience and first introduction to any concept of a "network language"
controlling their frontend, known as your "Internet Browser."

Well, the Internet was not the first to introduce this concept to the
public.  BBS systems was the GROWTH market at the time and the very idea
that it was a low bandwidth modem system, there was a clear creative and
obvious engineering direction to provide to make the "terminal," the client
machine as smart and as interactive as possible.  Intelligent Frontend
Systems was a dime a dozen and like Oz suggested, to consider that anyone
would claim to be a novel idea, it was just be plain silly.

It was only when  Gore "invented the internet" by proposing the then old
private federal/academia only internet who were upgrading to a new high
bandwidth private internet network, be donated to the public domain, that
the now new "Public Internet"  start to give the public a new low cost
world-wide cyber-space networking experience.

For many, nothing else existed.  For many,  nothing else before this really
matter.  It didn't count.  Anything before the Internet was "baby,  toys and
bubble gum stuff."

I was in this market and we felt the "ignorance."  It was a taboo to say the
word "BBS."

What I didn't realize was how bad this ignorance was.

Well,  as a result,  Mr. Doyle, like many others, have exploited this notion
that their "invention" is the first of its kind when in fact, it is not.
Mr. Doyle's erroneous patent it a clear example of this.   The USPTO is
filled with erroneous similar patent claims for inventions that existed
before the internet.  We are just seeing a glimpse of more similar patent
software conflicts to come.

The irony here with Lotus Notes, was that it was itself a "BBS", however it
was creatively marketed and touted as a "GroupWare Product," not as a BBS.
I remember when it first came out.  It would cost you $50,000 just to get a
site license!  That high cost didn't help its entry.  It kept it in the high
corporate market only, it didn't effect our small to mid size market place.
But research "Groupware" and you will see other "BBS" systems lumped right
in there with Lotus Notes!   Lotus Notes,  just like the internet today, it
just a big "Groupware BBS" system with a common "frontend networking
language' that allow us all to telecompute.


Hector Santos, CTO
Santronics Software, Inc.
305-431-2846 Cell
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