Re: Call for Consensus: Incubations adoption

>> Mozilla is interested in prototyping layout instability, but is concerned
>> about the potential overhead in making this a part of a standard and
>> required for every page load.
> Is the concern around implementation overhead, due to buffering?

Implementation overhead, additional traversing of paint trees or marking
items, buffering, etc. We'll know soon enough, and then report back.

> To be clear, the CFC is about whether this is a draft the WG wants to
> adopt as a Working Draft, not whether this is e.g. ready to advance in the
> standards track beyond it.
> The question is, do we want the exploration to continue to happen in the
> WICG for now, or move to the WG?

Seems like a great first topic for the next call.


Received on Monday, 17 August 2020 23:30:00 UTC