RE: [ResourcePriorities] Scripts and integration with HTML spec

Resource Priorities is in the Web Performance Working Group charter. As a working group, we have been making significant progress here and I even have some more changes in flight per our last discussion. We have all of the right performance people and browser vendors involved in the conversation here and, while I was not there, I have the notes that show this was discussed at TPAC extensively as well.  We want to have one spec where we address the end-to-end problem. One we feel that our solution addresses the performance issue,  we can consider if it makes sense to incorporate our fixes into the HTML 5.1 spec. 

That said, we should remain consistent so if there is a conflict with <script> I am happy to resolve those conflicts in this spec. 

Ian, If you have use cases that we have not accounted for, particularly those with script, please send them so I can incorporate them. As always, you're more than welcome to work with us here in the Web Performance Working Group.


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On Tue, 18 Mar 2014, Bruno Racineux wrote:
> Being able to tackle all this together sounds good. I think images are 
> worth an equal priority level in the resource priority space. They are 
> an important part of the focus and expectation of this spec. I will 
> elaborate further in the coming days or weeks.

I'm not sure exactly what needs doing for images in terms of prioritisation, but right now the entire loading model for images needs to be reworked (, so it's a good time to discuss the use cases for prioritisation in the context of images, so that we can deal with this at the same time. Please do send feedback on it.

> In terms of speccing in 'HTML spec' and changing mailing lists.
> What does it mean in terms the existing spec?
> Should we still refer to it as [ResourcePriorities]?
> And/or comment here when it comes to the spec.
> Could you briefly clarify that process.

The HTML standard is maintained by the WHATWG (a W3C community group). 
Discussions happen either on the mailing list:

...or in bugs in the HTML component of the WHATWG product in the W3C's bug database. New bugs can be filed easily here:

The spec itself is here:

...which is where I expect to put any spec text that comes out of my work on this topic.

I guarantee that I'll eventually respond to any HTML spec feedback sent to the WHATWG list, and that I'll deal with any bug filed using the form above. You can also send feedback by other means, e.g. on this mailing list, but I don't guarantee that I'll respond to such feedback. (I mean, if it's sane feedback sent to a list I'm subscribed to, and if it doesn't get caught in my filters, then I almost certainly will reply, but I only _guarantee_ that I'll respond to feedback sent to the WHATWG list.)

> I'd like to help.

Most helpful thing for me would be a clear description of the use cases for each element that needs something. A use case is the description of the problem facing authors when they try to use the current technologies to achieve what they want to achieve, or the problems facing users when they try to use products based on those technologies.

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