[minutes] Web Performance WG Teleconference #123 2014-01-15

Meeting Summary:

1.       Resource Priorities

There is a discussion in the WHATWG around loading and executing scripts, http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-whatwg-archive/2013Aug/0277.html, which we should review. Additionally, ECMAScript 6 folks are discussing similar script execution ideas that we may want to keep on our radar.

2.       Workshop

The working group is planning on holding another Workshop on Performance in mid-June in the Bay Area near the Velocity conference. Philippe is following on more details.

W3C Web Performance WG Teleconference #123 2014-01-15

IRC log: http://www.w3.org/2014/01/15-webperf-irc

Meeting Minutes: http://www.w3.org/2014/01/15-webperf-minutes.html


Philippe Le Hegaret, Jatinder Mann, Ilya Grigorik, Alois Reitbauer, Bernard


Jatinder Mann

1. Discuss Resource Priorities
2. Discuss Workshop on Performance
3. Discuss Networking Hints


Resource Priorities

<plh3> [[

<plh3> The use cases that I studied for script preloading need more than just

<plh3> that; in trying to address them I proposed a couple of new attributes that

<plh3> set up a dependency mechanism

<plh3> ]]

Plh: I believe there were two dimensions to his request, one to add hooks, but there was also a discussion about scripts and ecmascipt 6 and adding the right hooks into HTML.
... The Ecmascript 6 changes should be closed by 2014. We may want to talk to them.

Jatinder: It may be worth talking to EcmaScript folks and find out what's coming.

Ilya: We should keep up with scripts, but we may want to pursue this just for all of the other elements.

Jatinder: I agree as well. For independent resources like images, resource priorities works well. For scripts and CSS, changing the order can impact page load if not done right.

<plh3> http://people.mozilla.org/~jorendorff/es6-draft.html#sec-ecmascript-language-modules-and-scripts

Ilya: I think Resource Priorities should cover container elements.

Jatinder: Agree.

Ilya: The module work sounds like its still independent of resource priorities, I don't think those two things clash. But I haven't followed the discussion.
... I'll follow up with Ian.

Jatinder: I'll respond to the thread.

Plh: We discussed doing a workshop around June 24th near Velocity. Are we still interested in doing this?

Jatinder: I am definitely still interested in doing the meeting, as we had discussed.

Plh: Same format or different?

Jatinder: I think we should encourage folks to bring topics and prepare. However, I think we should definitely have an unconference discussion with all the right people in the room.

Alois: I think some framing into the workshop agenda will help focus the discussions.

Plh: We shouldn't require every participant to send a paragraph, we should invite people to attend. I'll send a call for consensus draft.
... I'll make sure there are no conflicts with Velocity. June 24 - 26 is Velocity. Dev Day may be on the Fri.

<plh3> June 24-26, Conference

<plh3> June 27, Dev day

Ilya: I heard there may be some rumours the day may change. We should talk to Souders.

Jatinder: We shouldn't bar entry to Web Perf meeting to the Velocity conference.

Ilya: Dev Day is an independent event of Velocity.

Plh: I'll send email to Steve.
... We should figure out what we're going to do for the private working group meeting, especially if we're meeting on Friday.

Jatinder: It shouldn't take longer than a fewer hours (last time we were done in 3 hours).

Plh: We should be able to just meeting Friday evening or Monday morning. I'll follow up.
Networking Hints

Jatinder: I have taken a look the proposal and I shared it with our networking folks. I'll share more details on the mailing list.
... What is difference between preload and prefetch?

Ilya: Prefetch is lower priority, subresource is higher pri. But we have found people can shoot themselves in the foot.

Jatinder: Most UA preparsers will encounter the 'preload' at the same time it encounters the source.
... What does prerender mean for images? For documents it means navigate in hidden tab.
... You wouldn't render the image until you have done laying out the entire page. You may decode it.

<Alois> sorry call dropped

Jatinder: Let's discuss some more on the mailing list.

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