Re: [minutes] 2012-05-02 Web Performance WG Teleconference #71

On 5/3/12 2:06 PM, Jatinder Mann wrote:
> a.test_timing_attributes_order.htm and test_document_readiness_exist.htm
> Karen had submitted updates to all remaining Navigation Timing test
> cases. IE and Chrome pass on all test cases

Chrome fails the "window.performance.timing.unloadEventStart/End only 
captures only the time spent in onunload and not the onbeforeunload 
event" part of test_timing_attributes_order.htm for me, due to what 
looks like a test bug...  So does Firefox.  So does IE9 over here.  I 
don't have IE10 on hand.

> Boris will update this test to work around
> the Firefox issue.

  I'd appreciate someone with push access pushing it.


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