RE: test_timing_attributes_order

Hi Boris,

Thanks for taking a look.  That assert is in the current approved version and is what was removed in the latest version uploaded to (Note the submission folder instead of approved).


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On 4/25/12 12:25 AM, Karen Anderson (IE) wrote:
> The version control URL is

Thanks.  Sorry for the lag on this...

I don't seem to have hg push access there; at least not with my W3C username/password.  :(

hg export of the relevant changeset attached to this mail.

On a separate note, I'm looking at the last test at
and I don't understand why that's expected to pass.  It asserts that between 20 and 50ms of time pass between unloadEventStart and unloadEventEnd; since there is nothing going on in the unload handler the actual elapsed time I'm seeing is more like 0.  The test fails in both Firefox and Chrome.  Am I just missing something obvious?


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