RE: Resource Timing and User Timing issues list

The editors have reviewed and responded to all Resource Timing Last Call issues listed in I have summarized the issue resolution below:

Issue: Misc edits - 
Considering we want to call out that duration returns a DOMHighResTimeStamp, the current text is more clear. No change to be made here.

Issue: CORS - 
As startTime and responseEnd are never zero’d out, you will always get third party durations, but not specific timestamps. Zhiheng had made changes to the processing model to this effect two weeks ago. This issue is closed.

Issue: startTime and fetchStart - 
This issue has been closed, as the spec text matches our intentions. Please see the mailing list discussion: 

Issue: startTime - 
The editors have agreed to update the diagram to make the startTime behavior more clear. Please see this thread: 

Issue: Exceptions - 
The spec text has been updated from ‘no exceptions’ text to ‘no additional exceptions’. Please see this thread: 

Issue: Misc: 
All of Sigbjorn’s feedback on typos and text has already been incorporated. Please see this thread: 

Issue: Opt in vs Opt Out and initiatorType attributes -   
There are no actions on the spec here. I have responded in this thread: 

With these changes, there are no remaining Last Call feedback to address. 


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I created issues list for Resource Timing:

and for User Timing:

It's not clear to me if we closed the loop on some of the issues raised for those specifications. It would be nice if the respective editors can go through those and give a status report on them.

Since we made plenty of changes to those specs, it would probably be good to republish them as a new LC draft before we move them to CR.

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PS: I created one for Performance Timeline but we haven't received any issues during the LC period.

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