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From: Satoru Takagi <sa-takagi@kddi.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 13:22:55 +0900
To: public-web-mobile@w3.org
Message-Id: <201309181322.GAF84996.BTULBBHJt@kddi.com>
Hi all,
I introduce myself.

I'm Satoru Takagi and I work for the Technology Development Division of KDDI. KDDI is one of a Japanese network operators. 
And I work on W3C standardization and development of in‐house geospatial information systems. In W3C, I am AC 
representative of KDDI and am a member of SVG WG.

My own specialty and field of interest are Web Mapping. I think that the improvement of the openness of mapping is 
particularly important for mobile web. Because the existing smartphones provides map services and its API as a part of 
basic functions of its OS. Therefore, I believe that map should be the basic function of the web browsers securing openness,
 if web browsers plays a role as the OS.

On the other hand, our company provides not only mobile network but fixed network and CATV. Therefore I commented that 
actions to promote the harmonize of a variety of networks and devices was very important on the establishment of this IG. 
In addition, it also might be one of our interest to expand the functions of RCS universally in web. It sounds like "WebRCS


Satoru Takagi
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