[web-bluetooth] there's no onadvertisementreceived event handler attribute (#426)

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== there's no onadvertisementreceived event handler attribute ==
While this specification *mostly* follows the advice in [ยง3.3. Always add event handler attributes](https://w3ctag.github.io/design-principles/#always-add-event-handlers), I just found one case where it doesn't.  (I offer no promises it's the only case, though.)  The specification has an `advertisementreceived` event, but the target of this event doesn't appear to have an `onadvertisementreceived` event handler attribute.

In this specification that target appears to be the device object, although the [Web Bluetooth Scanning](https://webbluetoothcg.github.io/web-bluetooth/scanning.html#biblio-web-bluetooth) spec seems to extend that to fire at `navigator.bluetooth`... so it should probably also extend this attribute to be on more objects.

(I got here from w3ctag/design-reviews#333, though this issue isn't specific to the scanning spec so I'm filing it here.)

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Received on Monday, 4 February 2019 08:17:54 UTC