Re: About KeyboardEvent.keylocation property for TV/STB

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 12:20 PM, Stewart Brodie <> wrote:
> Giuseppe Pascale <> wrote:

>> About TV specific extensions or in general the value that keylocation will
>> take in case of TV implementations I think this is a good point. It could
>> be raised with the DOM group but is also a question for implementers and
>> also for TV groups (like DLNA or HbbTV) that could influence that by
>> mandating a special value in some cases.
> I am strongly not in favour of TV-specific extensions being done by other
> groups.  At least with only one group editing it, there's a decent chance of
> it remaining self-consistent.

Sure, I wasn't suggesting that, my comment was more if nobody else is
going to recommend otherwise I assume people will go for "standard" as

> So let DLNA, OIPF or HbbTV propose additional key locations, but ownership
> must remain with the editors of the DOM Events specification - provided that
> they are willing to accept input from non-desktop-browser organisations, of
> course.

I'm sure the DOM group is. Anyway, as mentioned before, I'm not sure
there is a need for anything more as of now.

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