Re: About KeyboardEvent.keylocation property for TV/STB

Giuseppe Pascale <> wrote:

> I don't think there is any TV/STB out there using DOM3 events model,
> although there may be in future. (depends also at what kind of
> enviroment you are looking at, web technologies are used in many
> different ways inside TVs and STBs)

We have a few models in retail in the UK, such as the View21 STB, and
managed boxes in Europe and Australasia, plus integrated TVs, I'm told.
These will all be running a modern enough version of our browser to contain
a modern implementation of DOM3 events.  These will be viewing both
controlled content and uncontrolled content (i.e. the web or TV services
based on the web)

> I would guess that missing a dedicated value and a reason for doing it
> most implementers will just use "DOM_KEY_LOCATION_STANDARD"

That's what we've done, in the absence of anything more descriptive.

> On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 6:59 AM, Arunprasad Rajkumar
> <> wrote:
> > Hello Folks,
> >
> > Is there any way to use KeyboardEvent.keylocation in TV/STB world to
> > differentiate keys originating from Remote Control & Front Panel?
> >
> > Stable DOM 3 Event specification doesn't have any DOM_KEY_LOCATION
> > constants for TV/STB. Is there any plan for adding more
> > constants(relevant to TV) in upcoming specs(may be DOM 4 Events) ?

> About TV specific extensions or in general the value that keylocation will
> take in case of TV implementations I think this is a good point. It could
> be raised with the DOM group but is also a question for implementers and
> also for TV groups (like DLNA or HbbTV) that could influence that by
> mandating a special value in some cases.

I am strongly not in favour of TV-specific extensions being done by other
groups.  At least with only one group editing it, there's a decent chance of
it remaining self-consistent.

Keyboard events have always been a complete mess.  The current specification
is not great, but is the best it's ever been thanks to the work put in by
the editors, but is encumbered by supporting all the legacy stuff on the
web.  Even if it wasn't, vendors such as ourselves would still have to
support all the legacy cruft and broken content anyway.

So let DLNA, OIPF or HbbTV propose additional key locations, but ownership
must remain with the editors of the DOM Events specification - provided that
they are willing to accept input from non-desktop-browser organisations, of

Personally, I do not want to see any more competing sets of constants for
the locations or key codes or other key-related stuff.  We already have to
deal with overlapping sets of incompatible keys from CE-HTML/OIPF/HbbTV and
I just don't need the headache.

Stewart Brodie
Senior Software Engineer
Team Leader ANT Galio Browser
Espial UK

Received on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 10:21:30 UTC