webtv-ISSUE-24: Please show feasible implementation

I dont understand the proposed implementation for ISSUE-24.
For a sender and receiver to communicate successfully they not only need to be able to discover each other, but in addition they need to agree on the syntax and  semantics of the communication.
The use-case mentions "application-id" but provides few additional details. Is the use-case implying that all the messaging semantics are derived from this application-id? I dont see this as being a very viable ecosystem if each web-page declares its own application-id and associated semantics that an arbitrary receiver may or may not understand.
Even one of the end-points delivered a JS wrapper around a socket to facilitate the communications, then the methods provided by this wrapper would need to be agreed to be the UA interfacing to the application.
Could you clearly define some feasible implementations for this  use-case?
Russell Berkoff

Received on Tuesday, 14 June 2011 10:17:04 UTC