Re: [HOME_NETWORK_TF] New use case Web and Device Interworking (Issue-16)

Hi Jan,
some comments on this usecase:

* I don't think that, for this particular usecase, the "implementation"  
section mentioning UPnP/DLNA is strictly needed. I would suggest to remove  
it. Actually I would suggest to turn that section in a step-by-step  
description, similar to what Igarashi-san has done for ISSUE-24
* The part where you reference a "brokering service" is a bit vague (just  
looking at the text). I think you should either expand it a little bit or  
remove it. Actually that could be even a separate use case since it seems  
to me to require a slightly different architecture and scenarios.
* I think this usecase partially overlaps with ISSUE-24 actually; do you  
think would be possible to merge them? (or do you think they are different  


On Mon, 13 Jun 2011 09:10:34 +0200, Jan Lindquist  
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> Hello,
> The Issue-16 has been updated. The following changes were made:
> - Some terms were modified in order to align with agreed terms.
> - An example of bookmarklets for loading additional scripts on a web  
> page was added.
> - The text surrounding dependency was moved to implmentation.
> Best Regards,
> JanL
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> Subject: [HOME_NETWORK_TF] New use case Web and Device Interworking  
> (Issue-16)
> Hello,
> I have submitted a new use case for consideration by HNTF called web and  
> device interworking (issue-16) .
> The use case describes a how a personal device list available in the  
> home is invoked on any web page and devices in the list can be used for  
> consuming the contents on a web page, e.g. video clip on a page can be  
> redirected to a TV or recorded on a network attached storage.
> The use case is actually supported by Ericsson Labs and is called Web  
> Device Connectivity  
> ( While the Web  
> Device Connectivity project is broader in nature the focus of this use  
> case is to address the "implementation" list as described in issue-16.  
> Note there is a reference API that addresses the implementation list  
> which can be found under Documentation Tab (section 3) under Web Device  
> Connectivity.
> Best regards,
> JanL

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