Re: webtv-Issue-20: TV Querying and Control

On Mon, 06 Jun 2011 11:14:54 +0200, Matt Hammond  
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>> * Standardisation could facilitate a new ecosystem of interfaces.
>> * Existing standards for home network communication are not
>> available from the browser context
>> Actually CEA-2014-B has a web-binding for UPnP devices.

But the question we are asking ourselves is: is it possible to cover this  
use case using open web standards?

>> PHP has a
>> binding for UPnP Devices (GUPnP). A desirable goal of this TF is to have
>> W3C also publish these (or similar bindings).
> The intention with this statement was to point to the current lack of  
> ability to access technologies (such as UPnP) *directly* from within,  
> for example, a browser running on an iPad, android device, or laptop. I  
> believe the interests of many in this TF is to plug precisely this gap  
> for the likes of UPnP.

The goal is either to see if there are suitable open standards to reuse or  
if we need to define something new, as needed.

And even though there are some existing standards we may want to support  
(e.g. UPnP) we should not restrict ourselves to this since there could be  
several reasons (technical, commercial etc) why one would want to  
implement the same use case using a different underlying technology. The  
question for the future WG would then be: can this be achieved with a  
common approach? This is up for discussion, and we had already a first  
brainstorming as captured by Clarke in ISSUE-9

That is why I think, once again, we should keep our usecases generic  
Mentioning UPnP, Bonjour, Bluetooth etc is fine IFF 1)there is a  
justification for it (X% devices on the market already support this) 2)we  
don't restrict ourselves to that.

This taskforce is not a UPnP TF, so we are not doing a gap analysis of  


Giuseppe Pascale
TV & Connected Devices
Opera Software - Sweden

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