webtv-ISSUE-23 (UPnP/DLNA Support): UPnP/DLNA ecosystem support [HOME_NETWORK_TF]

webtv-ISSUE-23 (UPnP/DLNA Support): UPnP/DLNA ecosystem support [HOME_NETWORK_TF]


Raised by: Russell Berkoff

webtv-ISSUE-17 describes existing UPnP/DLNA supported devices in general terms. However, there is an existing install base of UPnP/DLNA compliant devices and the associtated SDOs (UPnP/DLNA) continue actively develop additional applications.

See: http://www.w3.org/2011/track/issues/17 

It would be beneficial to the user community if W3C User-Agents provided access to UPnP/DLNA devices without requiring any modification to the existing install base. It would also be beneficial to avoid subsetting W3C User-Agents to support a narrow media-centric subset of UPnP/DLNA device functionality.

It would be also beneficial if W3C user agents supported the flexbility inherent in UPnP/DLNA protocols to support new device classes without needing to update User-Agents.

Received on Tuesday, 7 June 2011 07:55:56 UTC