Re: webtv-ISSUE-23 (UPnP/DLNA Support): UPnP/DLNA ecosystem support [HOME_NETWORK_TF]

Hi Russell,
I'm personally fine with this comment.

UPnP/DLNA is for sure one of the protocols out there that is widely  
deployed on the market, so it would make sense to analyse which gaps  
should be covered for User-Agent to support these devices out of the box.
The same holds true for other popular protocols like Bonjour, but for that  
we will need another volunteer ;)

Actually this was already partially discussed by this group and this was  
the reason why Clarke drafted the "implementation alternatives" proposal  
(that now includes also some other participants comments)

Even if this group will not produce a specification would be still  
valuable to have some "implementation notes" to be used as starting point  
for other WGs working on this.
Would you be able to provide a more detailed document about the current  
gaps and what would be needed to support DLNA/UPnP devices out of the box?

I'm sure many people are interested in it and such a document could be  
useful to kick off the discussion.


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> webtv-ISSUE-23 (UPnP/DLNA Support): UPnP/DLNA ecosystem support  
> Raised by: Russell Berkoff
> On product: HOME_NETWORK_TF
> webtv-ISSUE-17 describes existing UPnP/DLNA supported devices in general  
> terms. However, there is an existing install base of UPnP/DLNA compliant  
> devices and the associtated SDOs (UPnP/DLNA) continue actively develop  
> additional applications.
> See:
> It would be beneficial to the user community if W3C User-Agents provided  
> access to UPnP/DLNA devices without requiring any modification to the  
> existing install base. It would also be beneficial to avoid subsetting  
> W3C User-Agents to support a narrow media-centric subset of UPnP/DLNA  
> device functionality.
> It would be also beneficial if W3C user agents supported the flexbility  
> inherent in UPnP/DLNA protocols to support new device classes without  
> needing to update User-Agents.

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