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On 26/4/11 16:26 , Russell Berkoff wrote:
> [Samsung] Presumably the "voting service" referenced in the UC is 
> implemented by sending a message to an external server.
>  "The application collects votes and sends them to a TV channel". How 
> is this done?
JCD: This is outside of the scope of the use case. Maybe the main 
document on the TV uses XHR to communicate with the TV channel server, 
but we should not care.

>  I dont see a distinction between messages and plain strings. A JSON 
> or serialized <XML> document can convey both data and actions as long 
> as both ends agree on the syntax and semantics.
JCD: This was a related discussion initiated by Bob Lund:
There is a case for a higher level API, rather than forcing all 
documents to implement or include a library to manage parsing of strings 
into messages.

May I remind you that in broadcast situations, even a rather small 
library like jQuery can represent significant bandwidth, when placed in 
a carousel that needs to be repeated every few seconds. Most of the use 
cases may be expressed more simply within broadband scenarios, but 
broadcast-only scenarios are definitely relevant on a TV.
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