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On 19/4/11 17:23 , Bob Lund wrote:
> The challenge is - which higher level abstractions get built into the 
> user agent? UPnP is well-defined in terms of services and abstraction 
> of interfaces to those services. MC-DNS based services are not so well 
> defined: the set of services is open ended and the interfaces to the 
> services are service-specific. In this case, it does not seem 
> practical to consider incorporating all the higher level abstractions 
> into the UA. 
JCD: Can I reformulate this into "it is not practical to always enforce 
the higher level abstractions" ?
Is it not optimal to have the two options, the higher level abstraction 
when the service protocol supports it, and the lower level one when only 
this is available ?

Let me extend my structured API proposal into:

interface HNMessage {
         attribute DOMString name;
 attribute DOMString payload;

interface HNStructuredMessage extends HNMessage {
         attribute HNArg args[];

interface HNArg {
         attribute DOMString name;
         attribute Boolean isInput;
         attribute DOMString type;
         attribute DOMString value;

When the service protocol supports it, the message is a HNStructuredMessage.
When the service protocol does not support it, the message is a plain 

Would that not work for you ?
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