[HOME_NETWORK_TF] Security concerns around Home Networking APIs

Hi all,
we have discussed in several places (workshop, this mailing list, etc) how  
important it is to address privacy and security concerns around  Home  
Networking Technologies.

In order to trigger some discussion, I started a new document about  
The idea behind this document is to collect all reasonable concerns and a  
list of possible solutions.
I don't think is in the scope for this TF to decide on one solution, but I  
think would be valuable if this group could come up with an analysis and a  
list of suggestion for a WG to work on.

The document is as usual available on the wiki

I'm sure there are more things that can be written, so feel free to  
comment on it and propose extensions or corrections to it.

Giuseppe Pascale
TV & Connected Devices
Opera Software - Sweden

Received on Monday, 18 April 2011 12:01:10 UTC