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Hi Guisseppe,

On Mon, 11 Apr 2011 16:54:17 +0100, Giuseppe Pascale <>  

> Another more generic comment: we should probably split requirements in  
> generic ones about discovery of services and interaction with services  
> and specific requirements for some particulars services like audio/video  
> playback.


Although there is still ongoing discussion as to the appropriate choice of  
models and protocols for audio video services, it does seem to me that  
there is more consensus on the need for discovery and security mechanisms.  
Is something productive to focus on in the short term?

The DAP WG expressed interest in working on this as it cuts across many  
other applications. I believe Robin (chair) mentioned that their  
rechartering is already well underway and requested our input as soon as  

I am a comparative newcomer to these processes and so should ask: what  
kind of input does the DAP WG need from us?



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