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Hi Giuseppe,

I agree that splitting the requirements is a good idea. Having services in a seperate list may help be able to prioritize which ones we want to focus on and solutions. The discovery is generic to any services.

The reason for indicating specifically the remote control was that I saw one as you indicated for audio/video playback. But by indicating audio/video playback it makes it look like the only service.

Eventually in the report one can take each individual service and map to different protocols if UPnP or other. There are different alternatives for each service which is worth exploring and to some extent is being discussed.


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On Fri, 08 Apr 2011 15:25:27 +0200, Jan Lindquist <> wrote:

> It might be enough to have the AVTransport but if one needs to manage 
> multiple connections the ConnectionManager is good to have.
> When I checked the requirements the control of playback of content is 
> covered under 3-box model. I am missing the control of the TV like a 
> remote control. Suggest to add a requirement under 3-box model:
> - User agents should provide a means for controlling the device 
> rendering content (ex. TV). The control could for example control 
> volume and other features in the device.
Isn't this already covered by the first requirements for the 2-box model, that is

"User agents should provide a means for discovering home network web-servers that host applications which advertise content and other services."


Another more generic comment: we should probably split requirements in generic ones about discovery of services and interaction with services and specific requirements for some particulars services like audio/video playback.

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