RE: [tech] Standardize Buttons For TV-Web Remotes?

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I'm obliged to say something from TV makers voice.
Remote key arrangement is kind of TV unique features/identities from other devices and even among TV makers.
As new technology introduced to TV world, the most necessary key is added to a certain position with a big discretion.
As a TV expert, I can say very confidently that adding single button is very huge decision for product concept.
Unlike IT devices having various derivatives, TV is inclined to keep its own identity relatively longer time.

We could recommend some essential keys of web tech, however web tech is changing very quickly.
The inertia attribute of TV remote must be respected.

I suggested this mailing list to priortize adaptive streaming for VOD, javascript API for TV interaction, HTML profiling for TV some time ago. But I discontinued for quick IG startup.
With this regards, I agree with Kaz that just leave current IG charter as it is.

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> 2. There are various existing DTV standards which handle TV remote
>   events (not only OIPF/HbbTV but also DVB, ATSC, ARIB (BML), ABNT,
>   etc.).

This may be of interest, as it's somewhat broader in scope than TV
remote events in particular.

I've been speaking recently with the chair of the DVB SI working
group, which has the ultimate responsibility for (amongst other
things) the dvb: URI scheme. I got in touch in relation to
draft-mcroberts-dvb-uri, which is a small step in an attempt to bring
the Internet and Broadcast communities a little closer together in
this area.

It's been expressed to me that there is a positive attitude towards
collaborating with the W3C and the IETF (as appropriate) and they
would help to fulfil a "bridging role" between the communities. I can
pass on contact details if appropriate? (AIUI also, DVB has some
responsibilities conferred upon it by other broadcast systems to avoid
duplicating efforts in some areas).

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