Re: [tech] Standardize Buttons For TV-Web Remotes?

Hi Guiseppe,

I should apologise, it wasn't my intent to direct that specifically at
you as though you respresented OIPF or HbbTV -- your e-mail merely
reminded me of something I'd meant to raise (though I hadn't figured
out where!) and so used it as a jumping-off-point.

> Given the "open" nature of W3C, there are 2 possible options:
> 1. W3C define its own solution. In this case, existing (public) specs are
> only interesting to have a feeling of what have already been done in this
> area.
> 2. These fora/consortia/groups decide to propose some of the technologies
> they have defined to W3C for consideration. I think (but that's just an
> opinion) that W3C will be happy to consider input from other organizations
> if this is done under W3C terms of usage.

I would certainly prefer to see (2) than (1), where it's grounded in
actual deployments. I know for example that in the UK the venture
formerly known as Project Canvas (now YouView) has incorporated the
DAE into its proposition for HTML-based applications.  That is to say,
things are starting to appear which make use of this stuff already,
and I think it would be wise first and foremost to look at existing
work (and if licensing terms of specifications are a problem, attempt
to resolve those issues).

Apologies for any confusion!


Mo McRoberts

Received on Friday, 15 October 2010 14:48:52 UTC