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Dear Narm,
Sounds good item to be discussed in IG after some meaningful spec is stabilized at WG.
Due to I'm not familiar with W3C working scope, somebody could answer W3C can do C&I inside?

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I propose that Compliance and Interoperability (C&I) be added to the scope.  Although PC browsers gracefully handle the interoperability issues that arise from optional features and/or ambiguities in the specification; CE devices (and content providers) depend on C&I for predictable and seamless user experience.  Also, if C&I is in scope, then other SIGs that have strict certification programs will be more inclined to reference W3C specifications, rather than invent their own.

- narm

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Subject: Request IG Charter update

Dear Ashimura san and Yosuke san,

Would you please update IG draft charter for reflecting the discussion so far? Adding priority and use case wording in scope? If possible, mentioning some major example like HTTP adaptive streaming for VOD, TV API for interaction with other device, profiling of HTML spec for TV would be helpful to get an hint of this work.

Ashimura san, can I ask a favor again about the schedule for IG formation?

Thanks for your support.

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