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RE: [web-adv] meeting agenda, 8 September

From: James Rosewell <james@51degrees.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 08:29:43 +0000
To: Wendy Seltzer <wseltzer@w3.org>
CC: "public-web-adv@w3.org" <public-web-adv@w3.org>
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Hi Wendy and IWABG,

We now have a draft charter for the Decentralized Web Interest Group following the side meeting a few weeks ago.

The draft text is available here.


Comments can be raised here as issues with the prefix [decentralized].


Eight people spend over three sessions drafted charter in a week. I’d like to acknowledge their hard work, patience and your support and advice.

We can take questions from the group about the charter draft, and also provide an update on the next steps to progress the charter via the Advisory Committee for review.



From: Arnaud Blanchard <arnaud.blanchard.87@gmail.com>
Sent: 08 September 2020 08:26
To: Wendy Seltzer <wseltzer@w3.org>
Cc: public-web-adv@w3.org
Subject: Re: [web-adv] meeting agenda, 8 September

Hi Wendy and IWABG,

If not too late we'd like to add three topics to the queue:

FLOC: Availability for experimentation:
 As announced during an IWABG call, the proposal is indeed being implemented in Chromium (https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/q/FloC). What are the next steps regarding this feature? I guess the implementation is intended to run live tests? If so, what would be the type of tests and measures to be held and when would they start? Issue for offline discussion: https://github..com/jkarlin/floc/issues/25<https://github.com/jkarlin/floc/issues/25>

TURTLEDOVE simulation:
We salute the tremendous work done by RTB House on the POC js implementation for TURTLEDOVE. We believe that this is a right step into the direction of getting more concrete feedback on the feasibility and acceptance of a proposed solution by publishers and advertisers. For these appraisals from both parties to be truly informed, some other layers would be needed, notably in term of reporting and user interface. We did some scripts to simulate some parts of the reporting, but this is probably not enough, both as this is not endorsed by Google, and probably a little bit arid. Is the Chrome team (or any other Google team) working on simulations, mock-ups, POCs that could be leveraged in this prospect?

Gatekeeper certification process:
We are happy to introduce a first version of a page describing how to trust (via a certification process) SPARROW's Gatekeeper: https://github.com/WICG/sparrow/blob/master/gatekeeper_certification.md. Do not hesitate to share ideas and remarks during our weekly calls or on github.


Le mar. 8 sept. 2020 à 03:15, Wendy Seltzer <wseltzer@w3.org<mailto:wseltzer@w3.org>> a écrit :
Hi Web Advertising BG,

8 September, no specific requests for agenda items, so let's talk about
virtual F2F and planning items for more intensive discussions then.

Draft agenda:
agenda+ Agenda-curation, introductions

agenda+ Agenda planning for TPAC vF2F and breakouts.
 Based on the timezone/conflict poll, I propose we meet Wednesday and
Thursday, Oct. 21-22. At least at this stage, we appear to be
concentrated across UTC+2 - UTC-7, with just a few elsewhere.

agenda+ Dashboard highlights / reports

agenda+ AOB

upcoming: PTEROSAUR

Call-in info at:

(let me know if you need me to send it to you directly).

irc for real-time queueing and minutes is http://irc.w3.org #web-adv
Github repo: https://github.com/w3c/web-advertising


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