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Fwd: Re: Please review my clean-up to "Accessibility supported"; also see my PS about our remaining glossary terms

From: Peter Korn <peter.korn@oracle.com>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 18:39:29 -0700
Message-ID: <519C21D1.80206@oracle.com>
To: "public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org" <public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org>
Hi gang,

Andi seems to be off-line at the moment.  It seems pretty clear to me 
she intended to send this e-mail to all of us, as she is (a) responding 
to a message I sent to the WCAG2ICT editors, and (b) it contains an 
aside to Mike.  So I'm taking the liberty of forwarding.

I'll summarize the items from this that I think belong in a survey for 
this Friday in my next e-mail.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	Re: Please review my clean-up to "Accessibility supported"; 
also see my PS about our remaining glossary terms
Date: 	Tue, 21 May 2013 16:18:38 -0500
From: 	Andrea Snow-Weaver <asnowweaver@gmail.com>
To: 	Peter Korn <peter.korn@oracle.com>


Quickly, looking at 
I see the following three terms are already on the page in the AAA list. 
So these three are done:

  * blocks of text
  * context-sensitive help
  * section

These two have already been surveyed but resolution was blocked until we 
finished "accessibility supported". As that's now done, we can get back 
to these this week.

  * programmatically determined
  * programmatically set

[Mike, this survey 
(https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/55145/glossary5/results) should be on 
this week's agenda.]

Other terms we have finished:

  * input error - resolved April 26th
  * set of web pages - resolved April 26th
  * same functionality - resolved April 26th

Outstanding terms - I'll work on these tonight for a survey

  * blinking - we have an outstanding action (51)on this to get some
    clarification from the WCAG WG on their intent. You have asked them
    twice and they have not responded. We should probably get this on
    their agenda for next week?
  * process
  * supplemental content
  * technology (Web content) - this was assigned to David with
    "accessibility supported"
  * user interface component


On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 12:08 PM, Peter Korn <peter.korn@oracle.com 
<mailto:peter.korn@oracle.com>> wrote:

    Hi gang,

    I tried to clean up the quick edits Gregg made to "accessibility
    supported" at
    so that they would be easier to read for WCAG WG and for Michael
    when he makes his edits.

    Would you please double-check my work?  My edited version is at the
    top of the page, with the text as Gregg put it together during the
    meeting right below.  My edited version makes this glossary term
    look pretty much like we do with our other glossary terms in
    WCAG2ICT, and track it they same way I've been doing for our other
    glossary terms at



    P.S. In doing this edit, I notice that this glossary term
    "accessibility supported" references another glossary term,
    "technology (Web content)
    <http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG/#technologydef>", which I don't believe
    we have any treatment for.

    P.P.S. Andi, looking at
    http://www.w3.org/TR/wcag2ict/#wcag2ict_comments_definitions, do you
    have a list somewhere of everything we have/haven't dealt with from
    "Glossary Items Pending Discussion"? Our tracking work for Michael
    has these spread out over three pages:
    and now

    Here's what I found:

      * accessibility supported (on
      * assistive technology (on
      * blinking /*(not found...)*/
      * blocks of text /*(not found...)*/
      * changes of context(on
      * conformance (on
      * conforming alternate version(on
        ALSO NOTE: we approved this "pending our [now approved]
        Conformance text", but we haven't asked WCAG WG to review it yet)
      * context-sensitive help /*(not found...)*/
      * input error /*(not found...)*/
      * process /*(not found...)*/
      * programatically determined /*(not found...)*/
      * programatically set /*(this appears to have it's own page that
        we haven't worked on in ages:
      * same functionality /*(not found...)*/
      * satisfies a success criterion(on
      * section /*(not found...)*/
      * set of Web pages /*(while we expressly deal with "set of
        documents" and "set of software", we don't appear to say
        anything about this term...)*/
      * structure (on
      * supplemental content /*(not found...)*/
      * technology (Web content) /*(not found...)*/
      * user interface component /*(not found...)*/
      * viewport(on

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