Agenda for tomorrow's meeting, 11AM Eastern

We’ll use our standing agenda for tomorrow’s call, with the addition of a discussion on response time I’d like to have.
On the project board,<> we are slowly reducing our list of Drafted PRs, but the list of To Do items is now over 2 dozen. Folks are invited to assign themselves to a To Do item and pull it into In progress.

  1.  Review ‘For discussion’ items
  2.  Review ‘Drafted’ items (30 min), either:
     *   move back to In progress, with more work to do
     *   move to Ready for approval, if there is general agreement the issue is sufficiently resolved
     *   leave in Drafted, if discussion was not concluded satisfactorily
  3.  Review ‘To do’.
  4.  Discuss ways to increase response time on new issues.

Meeting information<>

Received on Thursday, 1 February 2024 21:59:17 UTC