RE: Agenda for tomorrow's meeting, 11AM Eastern

Notes from today’s call follow.

Attendance:  Attendance (14):  Alastair Campbell, Bruce Bailey, Dan Bjorge, David Cox, Duff Johnson, Francis Storr, Giacomo Petri, Gundula Niemann, Lori Oakley, Mike Gifford, Patrick Lauke, Scott O’Hara, Detlev Fischer, Avon Kuo.

As per usual, we worked from the project board<> and the category columns.

  1.  For discussion

  *   PR 1642 Add two notes/clarifications to 2.1.1/2.1.3 understanding<>.  Detlev, Scott, and others discussed gaps and tension with normative phrasing, especially in context of education settings.  It was also mention that it was brought up in ARIA working group that roles could be reassigned unconventionally, but deliberatively.
     *   Mike has started a parking lot document, which will be migrated to the wiki.  Patrick asked that “standard exit methods” not being normatively defined anywhere is candidate for that.
     *   Please see Alistair’s summary comment<> in the PR.
  *   PR 3560 Add anti-aliasing note to 1.4.11<>.  Dan noted system settings can change result of contrast calculation.
     *   Please see recent comments<> in the PR.

  1.  Drafted:

  *   Issue 3647 Remove H70<> and PR 3648 Remove H70 as framesets are obsolete<> – are Ready for approval.
  *   PR 1803 Update/correct 3.3.1 understanding<> Ready for approval.
  *   PR 3536 Rewrite definition for single pointer<> – noted as errata and Ready for approval.
  *   PR 2057 2.5.3 - control with label but no accname<> Understanding update and new failure technique<> – Ready for approval<>

  1.  Other topic of conversation:

·       Duff shared that PDF Association PDF Techniques will take another 1-2 months to make public due to a decision to move our development to the publication system.  On the positive side, this will allow PDFA to accelerate publication of “use case” techniques once the system is up.

·       David noted that the nominal technique template<> out of date.  For now, work around is to copy a recent technique.

·       Question raised from ACT Rules asking Does SC 1.2.1 require the text alternative for video-only to be visible?<>  One implication would be that trivial animated GIFs require more than Alt Text for conformance.

·       To Do list still growing faster than Ready for approval.

Thanks everyone!

From: Michael Gower <>
Sent: Thursday, February 1, 2024 4:56 PM
To: WCAG2 Backlog <>
Subject: Agenda for tomorrow's meeting, 11AM Eastern

We’ll use our standing agenda for tomorrow’s call, with the addition of a discussion on response time I’d like to have.
On the project board,<> we are slowly reducing our list of Drafted PRs, but the list of To Do items is now over 2 dozen. Folks are invited to assign themselves to a To Do item and pull it into In progress.

  1.  Review ‘For discussion’ items
  2.  Review ‘Drafted’ items (30 min), either:
     *   move back to In progress, with more work to do
     *   move to Ready for approval, if there is general agreement the issue is sufficiently resolved
     *   leave in Drafted, if discussion was not concluded satisfactorily
  3.  Review ‘To do’.
  4.  Discuss ways to increase response time on new issues.

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