Teleconference 2 January 23:00 UTC

Hi - I apologize for such late notice, and I know many people are still
on vacation and may not receive this message in time. But we need to try
to have a Team C teleconference this week. We have scheduled time on the
Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 92242 ("WCAGC") for Monday, 2
January at 23:00 UTC:

18:00 Monday North America East
15:00 Monday North America West
08:00 Tuesday Japan
09:00 Tuesday Australia East

As outlined in the message about team work [1], we are responsible for
preparing several guidelines for publication in, hopefully, the Last
Call Working Draft. This week we will discuss Guideline 2.1. In addition
to resources linked in the instructions, there is an updated template
for tests [2], a list of open normative issues we must resolve [3],
interim working materials in the wiki [4], and an updated internal
working draft of resolved changes to date for the guidelines [5] and How
to Meet documents [6].

I would also like to confirm our standing meeting time, which I propose
be weekly at the same time as this week's call. That is one hour later
than the original proposal I sent last week. Especially if you are
unable to attend this week's call, please be sure to reply about the
meeting time and alternate proposed times if this time does not work for


[4] <>
[5] <>
[6] <>

Received on Sunday, 1 January 2006 23:45:40 UTC