Instructions and team assignments for getting to Last Call

Getting to Last Call: Instructions for Teams
Rev. 21 December 2005

In addition to the Guidelines document and Understanding WCAG 2.0, the
Last Call Working Draft will include at least one sufficient technique
for each success criterion, and at least two tests for each sufficient
technique (see below). In some cases, a sufficient technique is actually
a combination of techniques; in these cases, the Last Call Working Draft
will need to include the individual techniques to be combined as well as
the tests for those techniques. 

Techniques and tests are informative but essential.  Techniques show how
it is possible to satisfy success criteria and  tests show how to
determine if techniques have been implemented correctly.

In addition to the techniques and tests discussed above, we will need to
close any remaining Category 1 issues logged in Bugzilla. Category 1
issues are issues that affect the normative content of WCAG 2.0 (i.e.,
wording of principles, guidelines, or success criteria; glossary terms
and definitions; the Conformance section).

The WG will again divide up into three teams or task forces.  Membership
of the teams will be the same as last time (i.e., if you were on Team A
before, you're on Team A now). Each  team will be assigned a group of
guidelines and given a set of tasks. Guidelines assigned to each team
are listed following the tasks.

1.	Review the list of open Category 1 issues for your assigned
guidelines, and make specific recommendations that will allow them to be
closed. (Note that it may be possible to close some of these issues by
creating appropriate techniques.)
2.	Identify all techniques listed as Sufficient (in the How to Meet
documents) for each success criterion in the assigned guidelines. These
a.	Techniques that are sufficient when used by themselves
b.	Combinations of techniques that are sufficient only when the
combination is used (titles of individual techniques are joined by AND)
c.	Individual and combined techniques listed as Sufficient for each
Situation shown in the How to Meet ... documents.
3.	Determine the current status of each technique
a.	Draft (means that a draft already exists)
b.	Test (means that a test exists for this specific technique)
c.	Approved (means that the full WG has reviewed the technique and
its tests, and approved them for publication in the Last Call draft;
note the date of the approval)
4.	Draft new techniques and edit existing ones as required, using
the Techniques template in the WIKI <>. Refer to
Tips for editing 
techniques <> for detailed instructions.
5.	Include both pass and fail tests in the tests section of each
technique. ("Pass" shows correct implementation of the technique; "Fail"
shows incorrect implementation.)
6.	Update the status page in the WIKI (URI to be announced).
7.	Send proposals to the WG for review; allow at least 3 working
days for list discussion

Team assignments
Team A: 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 2.3, 3.2
Team B: 1.3, 2.4, 3.1, 4.1
Team C: 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, 4.2

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