Re: [ACTION] represenation of simple and more complicated HTTP conversation in RDF

Johannes Koch schrieb:
>> Probably you performed the evaluation on wc2 because it 
>> contain actual content. So the subject would be wc2. If OTOH 
>> you did an evaluation on wc1, the subject would be wc1.

Carlos Iglesias schrieb:
> So the idea is to have a RDF container with both, wc1 and wc2, and point from subjet to wc2 which is inside a ¿standalone? container. Isn't it?

If you need the combination of wc1 and wc2 for something else, you can 
create an rdf:Seq with references to both wc1 and wc2.
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Received on Tuesday, 12 December 2006 18:14:29 UTC