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Re: First Working Draft of EARL 1.0 Requirements

From: Sailesh Panchang <sailesh.panchang@deque.com>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 14:04:33 -0400
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To: <public-wai-ert@w3.org>

Shadi et al,

I had some trouble understanding some of the statements under Design and
Features. Here are comments under specific statements for you to consider:
About Design  Issues:

D05 = EARL 1.0 will provide built-in extensions to the domain of Web
accessibility evaluation.
Comment:  Do you mean built-extension of of its core vocabulary as referred
to in B04?

D07 = EARL 1.0 will implement features to support internationalization of
the specification and the test reports.
Comment: Consider splitting these into two separate statements- one for
specification and one for test reports. They will become
more understandable

D08 = EARL 1.0 will provide mechanisms to determine valid reports that are
Comment: Normally "valid" is associated with results and not reports. If
this is intended why has valid not been used in B07?
I do not understand what interoperable means in connection with reports.
Does it mean report content can be repurposed so
that it can be accessed as per varying needs of the consumer of the report?

About Features

F01 = EARL 1.0 will provide a model to describe context information about
the results.
Comment: Consider restating as "EARL 1.0 will provide a framework for
describing the context in which the results were
F02 = EARL 1.0 will provide a model to identify occurences of the results
within the subjects.
Comment: Not clear. Does this mean:
"EARL 1.0 will provide a mechanism to determine frequency of individual
results against every subject."
F03 = EARL 1.0 should support persitency of the results with respect to
changes in the subjects.
Comment: Does this mean:
"EARL 1.0 should provide a mechanism through which variations in results can
be traced to changes in subjects."
F04 = EARL 1.0 will support aggregation of results that are related with
respect to the subjects.
Comment:Does "logical grouping of results" convey the same as "aggregation
of results that are related" ? If yes, consider:
"EARL 1.0 will support logical grouping of results <for every subject> or
<against individual subjects>."
F05 = EARL 1.0 may support backward compatibility with previous versions of
the Working Draft.
Comment: Working draft refers to Requirements for EARL doc or EARL specs?
Consider restating as:
"EARL 1.0 may be backward compatible with regard to previous versions of the
Working Draft for Requirements for EARL."

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Subject: First Working Draft of EARL 1.0 Requirements

> Dear Group,
> Ref:
> Please find a draft of our First Working Draft of the Requirements for
EARL 1.0. This is the first pass of the edit and I am looking forward to
your contributions to it.
> Send any feedback, comments, or thoughts to the mailing list for
discussions. Any editorial comments (spelling, grammar, rewording
suggestions that do not change the meaning etc) to me directly.
> Regards,
>   Shadi
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