Re: more properties for the location class (was Re: locating assertions in non-text based formats)

Hi Nick,

> What's the current status of earl:location?

Happy this caught your attention, I think you may have some valuable
input to this discussion. Basically we've identified the need to be able
to "locate" the occurence(s) of an earl:result within an earl:subject.

Our first attempt was to look at XPointer/XPath expressions which work
very well but only for some type of documents. Per specification, XML
formats only but some parsers extend that to DOM as well. Jim also just
posted info about fuzzy pointers but that too has document format

The big question remains, how do we locate the occurence of results in
Web content that may be non-markup or even non-text based? Can we say
more than "somewhere inside this subject there is an error"?

At some point, we thought we may be better introducing all types of
pointer possibilities (such as line numbers etc), as well as a
processing model for tools of when/how to use these properties. Some
first discussions on this are at:

Note, this contribution may also be interesting backgroud:

Hope this helps. Looking forward to your ideas!


Received on Thursday, 28 April 2005 23:02:08 UTC