Re: EARL and Website Production Management Techniques

Hi Charles,

søn, 17,.04.2005 kl. 11.59 +0200, skrev Charles McCathieNevile:
AccMonitor is a tool for managing large websites, that can check them over  
> every day and report on a whole lot of stuff. I think it can also direct  
> some manual testing to be done - for example guided by where there are  
> common problems that arise of one kind.
> I think this is an important use case to develop.
> A further related example would be doing specGL reviews over time on a  
> specification, (such as EARL :-) to ensure that we are improving in the  
> way we are meeting the various QA requirements that a W3C spec should  
> before it gets to Recommendation.

This is interesting! I have thought of some way of doing this, by
marrying AnnoZilla, PyNotea (my Python based Annotea server) and
BugZilla, to create a tool for performing document and code inspections
by annotating issues in the document. AnnoZilla is almost there now, the
only thing that would be needed is some other categories of annotations
that were more in line with code and document inspections. 

In this way it would be easier to track if and how an issue had been
dealt with. You could also use this for requirements tracking, if all
requirements were stored in the bug/feature database.

I have been thinking if and how EARL would fit into this scheme? I am
not convinced that it fits in yet.

What do you think?

Nils Ulltveit-Moe <>

Received on Sunday, 17 April 2005 20:47:38 UTC