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> On Wed, 06 Apr 2005 18:26:17 +1000, Johannes Koch  
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>> With HTTP, the content of a resource is not defined with a URL but may  
>> vary not only over time, but also with Accept* headers, cookies or POST  
>> parameters. Would it be better to include this information as  
>> properties of TestSubject? Should there be a way to include the content  
>> that was actually tested in the EARL report?
> Yes, and yes.
> With the reprOf for Webcontent it should be reasonably easy to add sme  
> HTTP properties to cover the headers that are sent or received. I think  
> that these properties are already used in Annotea, so we don't even have  
> to define them for ourselves.
> Including the content itself is another question. Particularly if we are  
> looking at Web pages that incorporate media objects, scripts and styles,  
> it becomes quite complex.
> On the other hand I can't think of a reason not to be able do this, and  
> again Annotea might provide an interesting model. (What they actually do  
> in the annotea server is store a page, and some metadata that happens to  
> be based on HTTP).

I went looking for pointers to the documentation. Some of it is documented  
in the Annotea schema - - but a  
lot of it seems undocumented - all I could find were examples in the  
Annotea protocol document - - but it seems pretty  
straightforward. If we decided to use this approach we might do the  
annotea community a favour as well as ourselves, by writing up a  
documented schema...



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