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>  From current EARL WD:
>    TestSubject
>    The class of things that have been evaluated. It needs to be qualified
>    with some type of information in order to make it unambiguous. You may
>    use an unambiguous property, or unambiguous constellation of
>    properties.
> With HTTP, the content of a resource is not defined with a URL but may  
> vary not only over time, but also with Accept* headers, cookies or POST  
> parameters. Would it be better to include this information as properties  
> of TestSubject? Should there be a way to include the content that was  
> actually tested in the EARL report?

Yes, and yes.

With the reprOf for Webcontent it should be reasonably easy to add sme  
HTTP properties to cover the headers that are sent or received. I think  
that these properties are already used in Annotea, so we don't even have  
to define them for ourselves.

Including the content itself is another question. Particularly if we are  
looking at Web pages that incorporate media objects, scripts and styles,  
it becomes quite complex.

On the other hand I can't think of a reason not to be able do this, and  
again Annotea might provide an interesting model. (What they actually do  
in the annotea server is store a page, and some metadata that happens to  
be based on HTTP).



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