Re: Adding more information about TestSubject

At 10.26 06/04/2005, Johannes Koch wrote:
>With HTTP, the content of a resource is not defined with a URL but may 
>vary not only over time, but also with Accept* headers, cookies or POST 
>parameters. Would it be better to include this information as properties 
>of TestSubject? Should there be a way to include the content that was 
>actually tested in the EARL report?

Agree. I guess we should give developers a chance to include details 
regarding the negotiation of the resource in EARL. In particular content 
negotiation mechanisms (e.g. at least HTTP header information) and, why 
not, the content as well. In some cases it may be useful, especially for 
historical purposes.

There would need to think a way of extending this process to other media 
types, but I guess starting with (X)HTML and XML would be a wise choice 
(keeping in mind maybe some kind of text files like - for instance - CSS or 
programming languages).

I also believe these pieces of information would be extremely useful for 
persistency issues as well. I would consider not only the Accept headers, 
but even the ones that an HTTP server would return (e.g. Content-Language).

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