Re: HTML view of rulesets wanted/needed?

Hi Christophe,

If you agree, I would like to propose the format in the attachment. We 
could also discuss during the next meeting as needed.


Christophe Strobbe wrote:
> Hi Shadi,
> At 17:42 18/03/2008, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
>> Hi Carlos,
>> Thanks for doings this! Here two minor comments for your consideration:
>> 1. add IDs to the HTML view: right now you only list the Guidelines 
>> and Success Criteria, but you don't include the ID anywhere. Maybe 
>> good to do something like:
>>   - <a href="...">http://.../#tech-text-equivalent (ID 
>> WCAG1_19990505_1.1)</a>
> I assume you mean the IDs for the rule elements. These are "behind" the 
> second link (the short green link with the SC number) that is provided 
> for each SC. (I did not put the ruleset IDs in the link text because I 
> originally used to two-column layout, but I can add those IDs again 
> easily.)
>> 2. add a small intro paragraph: say something like "this page is an 
>> HTML view of the <a>rulesets xml</a> and lists the IDs of the..." to 
>> give some context.
> I have updated the XSLT so that it puts the following introduction at 
> the top of the page. This will become visible when a new version is 
> generated.
> The intro:
> <quote>
> This page is an HTML view of the rulesets.xml 
> [] file, which contains unique 
> identifiers for the success criteria of several drafts of Web Content 
> Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. For each WCAG draft, the success criteria 
> are listed by guideline, then by number. Some WCAG drafts use the levels 
> A, AA and AAA; in rulesets.xml, these levels correspond to levels 1, 2 
> and 3 respectively. For each success criterion, the list provides two 
> links: a direct link to the text of the success criterion (long blue 
> link), and a "link" to the rule in rulesets.xml (short green link). The 
> latter link can be used in TCDL's rule element 
> [].
> </quote>
> Best regards,
> Christophe
>> Thanks,
>>   Shadi
>> Carlos A Velasco wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> The HTML version of the rulesets is live here:
>>> <>
>>> regards,
>>> carlos
>>> Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
>>>> Hi Christophe,
>>>> Christophe Strobbe wrote:
>>>>> In the minutes of the last conference call, I noticed some 
>>>>> discussion about the use of the xlink:href for rules.
>>>> The issue was how to check the value of xlink:href as part of the 
>>>> "Structure Review". Would be good to check these IDs automatically.
>>>>> I have an HTML view of the rulests.xml file and I can put online if 
>>>>> people want this. (The only question is where to put it.)
>>>> This may indeed be helpful. It would make sense to host it on the 
>>>> BenToWeb site, so that it is updated/maintained together with the XML.
>>>> Regards,
>>>>   Shadi
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