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Hi Shadi,

At 17:42 18/03/2008, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:

>Hi Carlos,
>Thanks for doings this! Here two minor comments for your consideration:
>1. add IDs to the HTML view: right now you only list the Guidelines 
>and Success Criteria, but you don't include the ID anywhere. Maybe 
>good to do something like:
>   - <a href="...">http://.../#tech-text-equivalent (ID 
> WCAG1_19990505_1.1)</a>

I assume you mean the IDs for the rule elements. These are "behind" 
the second link (the short green link with the SC number) that is 
provided for each SC. (I did not put the ruleset IDs in the link text 
because I originally used to two-column layout, but I can add those 
IDs again easily.)

>2. add a small intro paragraph: say something like "this page is an 
>HTML view of the <a>rulesets xml</a> and lists the IDs of the..." to 
>give some context.

I have updated the XSLT so that it puts the following introduction at 
the top of the page. This will become visible when a new version is generated.

The intro:
This page is an HTML view of the rulesets.xml 
[] file, which contains unique 
identifiers for the success criteria of several drafts of Web Content 
Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. For each WCAG draft, the success 
criteria are listed by guideline, then by number. Some WCAG drafts 
use the levels A, AA and AAA; in rulesets.xml, these levels 
correspond to levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively. For each success 
criterion, the list provides two links: a direct link to the text of 
the success criterion (long blue link), and a "link" to the rule in 
rulesets.xml (short green link). The latter link can be used in 
TCDL's rule element [].

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>   Shadi
>Carlos A Velasco wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>The HTML version of the rulesets is live here:
>>Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
>>>Hi Christophe,
>>>Christophe Strobbe wrote:
>>>>In the minutes of the last conference call, I noticed some 
>>>>discussion about the use of the xlink:href for rules.
>>>The issue was how to check the value of xlink:href as part of the 
>>>"Structure Review". Would be good to check these IDs automatically.
>>>>I have an HTML view of the rulests.xml file and I can put online 
>>>>if people want this. (The only question is where to put it.)
>>>This may indeed be helpful. It would make sense to host it on the 
>>>BenToWeb site, so that it is updated/maintained together with the XML.
>>>   Shadi
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