Re: Coverage and open issues


I agree with the proposal to document the issues and queue them up for 
WCAG WG. They will however probably only turn to these issues after 
passing Last Call stage. I think we may want to keep the discussion on 
the TSD TF list and point to the relevant thread(s) from the wiki rather 
than post to GL.

As to Bugzilla, this really does sound like a bug tracking system thing. 
Its worth pursuing using the WCAG Bugzilla which may in fact help them 
to manage and process the issues once they start working on them.


Carlos A Velasco wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> Tim Boland wrote:
>> Thanks for doing this work.  I'm confused - first you say the GL mailing
>> list has not been
>> successful, and then you propose using the GL mailing list for
>> communication with the
>> WCAG WG (in the last * item) (or am I misunderstanding?).
> I could not think of anything better right now ...
>> The WCAG WG is currently working off of an issues database to process WD
>> comments.  As a possible alternative for communication, is there a
>> possibility to ask the powers that be to include a "testing" category in
>> that database, to handle testing issues that arise from the TSDTF
>> work?   That way, the structure that currently exists in the database
>> could be used to the maximum extent possible, and since the WCAG WG is
>> used to processing issues in this database, communication might be
>> facilitated...
> Do you mean their Bugzilla? Yes, maybe we could use that instead: Michael?
> regards,
> carlos

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