Re: Coverage and open issues

Hi Tim,

Tim Boland wrote:
> Thanks for doing this work.  I'm confused - first you say the GL mailing
> list has not been
> successful, and then you propose using the GL mailing list for
> communication with the
> WCAG WG (in the last * item) (or am I misunderstanding?).

I could not think of anything better right now ...

> The WCAG WG is currently working off of an issues database to process WD
> comments.  As a possible alternative for communication, is there a
> possibility to ask the powers that be to include a "testing" category in
> that database, to handle testing issues that arise from the TSDTF
> work?   That way, the structure that currently exists in the database
> could be used to the maximum extent possible, and since the WCAG WG is
> used to processing issues in this database, communication might be
> facilitated...

Do you mean their Bugzilla? Yes, maybe we could use that instead: Michael?


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