Re: New TCDL draft - Re: TSD TF: Agenda for 22 August 2006


Evangelos Vlachogiannis wrote:
>>> The disabilities Element Type
>>> I was wondering if we could use a more generic term like 
>>> "UserProfile" so that TCDL could met more generic scope.
>> Hmm, yes, but then we need to define this UserProfile from scratch and 
>> we would like to start creating test samples as soon as possible.
> I had in mind something like:
> <UserProfile>
>     <attribute>
>         <name>disability</name>
>         <value>deafness</value>
>     </attribute>
>     ...
> </UserProfile>
> But, sure I agree, time is a big issue here.

FYI, I think there is some related work on profiles going on at ATRC (University of Toronto) for the Learning Object Model (LOM). Maybe Chris has some pointers?

However, I strongly agree that this should be future work on extending and improving TCDL. For the scope of this Task Force, I think the current model is sufficient.


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