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RE: Requirements Start

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Another persona,
Board member (Selma Rocks) of Public Television station who uses a wheel
chair wants to advocate access to the Public Television site, but
doesn't know what that means.  Does that impact the Station employees?
Does that mean massive technical changes in the station equipment?

A blind state accessibility inspector (Tony Tiger) needs to be able to
take notes on line and use a Wiki in the inspection process at
businesses to keep the CTO informed about the Standards reguirements for
Web Access.  The Blind person needs a seamless document creation process
from cellphone email to Wiki to management.  What does this mean?

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Hi everyone,

I am attaching a requirements start.

This is a ROUGH start.  So throw as
many rocks as you think are necessary.

Shawn can you post this on a site and 
give us a URL?


Wayne Dick PhD
Chair Computer Engineering and 
Computer Science, CSU, Long Beach
Coordinator of Academic Technology 
Accessibility, CSU System
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