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UMTF will be at 2PM EDT not 3PM EDT

From: Wayne Dick <wed@csulb.edu>
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 14:05:18 -0700
To: public-wai-eo-umtf@w3.org
Message-ID: <web-7620610@romulus.csulb.edu>

Dear Committee,

The meeting will be at 2:00 PM EDT, 
every Thursday, including tomorrow 7 
September 2006.

All of our meetings will be at that 
time 2PM EDT.  We plan to meet every 
week of September.  On 14 September 
(next week) Judy Brewer will attend. 
 This may be the only meeting she can 
attend in September so mark your 
calendars.  We will really determing 
the scope at the September 14th 

Tomorrow we will study our personas 
and Liam's ideas on Accessibility 
Claims.  We will also address scope.


Wayne Dick PhD
Chair Computer Engineering and 
Computer Science, CSU, Long Beach
Coordinator of Academic Technology 
Accessibility, CSU System
Received on Wednesday, 6 September 2006 21:05:26 UTC

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