Invitation to research symposium "Shape the Future: Research and Development Questions in Digital Accessibility"

Dear W3C WAI Interest Group,

The Web Accessibility Initiative - Communities of Practice (WAI-CooP) Project and the W3C Accessible Platform Architectures (APA) Working Group invite you to participate in the online research symposium:

 Shape the Future: Research and Development Questions in Digital Accessibility
 10 November 2021, 14:00 to 17:00 Central European Time (CET), online

Participation is free, and *registration is required* by 7 November 2021.

This online symposium brings together researchers, academics, industry, government, and people with disabilities, to explore the current state-of-the-art in accessibility research, development, and practice to uncover pressing topics for future research and development.

Another goal of this symposium is to explore potential gaps between the topics discussed by researchers and practitioners. By increasing awareness to the challenges faced by all communities, collaborations could emerge and improve the current state of accessibility research and practice.

We invite position papers, of no more than 1500 words, discussing these topics using real-life settings and raising current issues and needs for discussion. Papers can be submitted until *6 October 2021*. Authors of accepted submissions will be notified by 27 October 2021.

If you have questions, contact Carlos Duarte

Feel free to circulate this message to other lists. Please avoid cross-postings where possible.

Carlos Duarte, Symposium Chair
Letícia Pereira, Symposium Chair

 From Shawn Lawton Henry, W3C WAI Education and Outreach

Received on Thursday, 9 September 2021 14:56:00 UTC