Re: DRAFT Agenda for the Process Call Wednesday 12th February 7am PDT

On 2/11/2020 6:23 PM, Michael Champion wrote:
> -  It’s being rushed.  “Move fast and break things”  has been a 
> disaster for the web, and it’s a particularly bad approach to 
> foundational documents  such as the patent policy. Previous schedules 
> have slipped, but the delivery date has not.

Thanks, Mike.

My view is that we are at a stage that we would tremendously benefit 
from wider review.

The current document has been relatively stable for several months.  
We've exposed this work to large segments of the community (for example 
at TPAC), but nonetheless the level of comments coming to the document 
is small.  The reviews from the AB and the Process CG have run their 
course.  It is hard to accept that it is being rushed when 
issues/comments/changes have been few.

Bringing the document to the AC seems like the only way to get more eyes 
on the document.  That's the stage we are up to, so that is the reason 
that the CG is looking for consensus to forward this to the AC for review.

Note that there is no current proposal that this should be brought to 
the AC for approval.  I hope that we get AC reps who have not been 
involved in the discussion to comment and add their ideas - and I think 
we have a responsibility to respond accordingly and enhance the document 
in this review cycle.

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